Washington spends money we don't have...
and our children suffer

Dr. Waldman's new
eye-opening book lays bare the disaster that has befallen both patients and doctors over the last 50 years due to government and administrative involvement into health care. Today close to 50% of healthcare spending goes NOT to doctors to pay for care, but to administrators who manage the miles of red tape introduced by ever increasing number of government regulations.


Book: "The Cancer in the American Healthcare System" written by Dr. Deane Waldman. Offers a workable solution for government healthcare.

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"The Cancer in the American Healthcare System"

About Dr. Deane:

Photo of Dr. Deane Waldman, MD, MBA: Author, speaker, health advocate and medical doctor.Dr. Deane Waldman was Chief of Pediatric Cardiology at: the Children’s Hospital of San Diego, the University of Chicago, and the University of New Mexico. Responsible for budgets in excess of $20 million, he has seen all aspects of our floundering medical care system. His proposal for a simple Direct-Pay USA system has the potential to revolutionize health care in the U.S. and save us from imminent financial catastrophe.


President Obama started his healthcare “reform” saying that U.S. spending on healthcare was “unsustainable; we have to cut spending.”

Yet, Obamacare increases spending by $2.6 trillion. This is money we simply do not have.

In order to pay for all the new bureaucracy and regulators, Congress has done three things we don’t want them to do:

1) They used money to pay their henchmen bureaucrats that is desperately needed for health care providers.

2) They diverted money away from other vital services that we need along with health care.

3) Worst of all, they borrowed lots and lots of money, adding to our already bloated deficit. As a result, our children will suffer in the future, trying to pay off debts that we are incurring now.

Chart showing how the Affordable Care Act will cost trillions more, even though Obamacare was supposed to be "cheaper."

Estimates of the gross outlays under the President's health care law in nominal dollars using CBO estimates of major coverage provisions as well as Senate Budget Committee.

REFERENCE: http://budget.senate.gov/republican



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Obamacare did not make healthcare sick. The U.S. healthcare system was dysfunctional long before Mr. Obama took office. However, his “reform” made things even worse, not better.



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