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Dr. Waldman's new
eye-opening book lays bare the disaster that has befallen both patients and doctors over the last 50 years due to government and administrative involvement into health care. Today close to 50% of healthcare spending goes NOT to doctors to pay for care, but to administrators who manage the miles of red tape introduced by ever increasing number of government regulations.


Book: "The Cancer in the American Healthcare System" written by Dr. Deane Waldman. Offers a workable solution for government healthcare.

New Book:

"The Cancer in the American Healthcare System"

“If you haven't ever heard Dr. Waldman speak on ObamaCare you're in for a fascinating evening. If you have heard him speak before (I've heard him 3 times) you will want to take more notes. The man is a treasure trove of factual info about the so-called Affordable Health Care Act.”

—Sylvia Bokor, Chairperson
Albuquerque Tea Party

• Education and Training

Dr. Deane received formal degrees from Yale (BA in History); Chicago Medical School (MD); and Anderson Schools of Management (MBA). After medical school, he trained at Northwestern, Mayo Clinic, and Harvard in Pediatrics, then Pediatric Cardiology, and finally Pediatric Cardiac Pathology.

• Experience as Medical Administrator

Dr. Deane was the Chief of Pediatric Cardiology at three major medical institutions, responsible for budgets in excess of $20 million at:  Children’s Hospital of San Diego; University of Chicago; and University of New Mexico.

• Experience as Practitioner and Educator

Dr. Deane was a practicing pediatric cardiologist for thirty-seven years and reluctantly retired when the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare (2012). He contributed more than 150 academic, peer-reviewed articles that improve the care for cardiac children. He has been an Invited Lecturer or Visiting Professor over 75 times, nationally and internationally.

• Experience in Healthcare Public Policy

Dr. Deane has used his knowledge of Systems Thinking to “diagnose” and treat what is wrong with our sick healthcare system. His conclusions have been reported in thirty-five original, peer-reviewed published articles, including the seminal work, “Thinking systems [like healthcare] need systems thinking.”

Because of his expertise in the healthcare system, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez appointed Dr. Deane to the “Consumer Advocate” position on the Board of Directors of the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange.

• Communicator with the Public:

Dr. Deane has published more than 450 articles for the general public (all about healthcare) both in print media such as newspapers like the Wall Street Journal and the Albuquerque Journal as well as online in Huffington Post, American Thinker, and The Blaze.

Dr. Deane has authored four books on healthcare for the general public: (1) Uproot U.S. Healthcare (First and Second Editions); (2) Cambio Radical al Sistema de Salud de los Estados Unidos (translation into Spanish of Uproot U.S. Healthcare); (3) multi-award winner, The Cancer in Healthcare; and  (4) The Cancer in the American Healthcare System, available in September 2015.

Starting in January 2016, Dr. Deane will be hosting a nationally syndicated radio talk show titled, Take Back Control of Your Health Care.

• Dr. Waldman's advice is always based on evidence:

Dr. Waldman understands that all those who advise on public policy, and particularly our elected decision-makers, must have evidence before they offer recommendations, much less before they legislate.

That is why you will find links to his evidence for statements made on this website. Documented proof for every assertion made in his writings are available in hyperlinks to online articles and in the chapter notes of books.

The lack of hard evidence is why Congress has consistently made poor decisions regarding our healthcare system. Congress never has proof that what they are going to enact will actually make things better for us.



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Dr. Deane Waldman, MD, MBA

Following is a brief summary of Dr. Waldman's experience and credentials as a physician, administrator, author, lecturer, radio personality and healthcare educator. He welcomes inquiries about his views and healthcare proposals.

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