Healthcare in America is sick and broken,
however, there are just 6 steps required to fix it...

1. Don't give way to despair. A rational and affordable healthcare solution is actually possible.

2. Accept that Washington will never fix healthcare. Only We can.

3. Understand why patients suffer under the current healthcare systems.

4. Recognize why prior fixes for healthcare have consistently failed.

5. Learn about a solution that will actually fix healthcare: Direct-Pay USA.

6. Demand that Direct-Pay USA become the law of the land, replacing other unworkable healthcare systems.

Dr. Waldman exposes the complete failure of U.S. healthcare

Dr. Deane Waldman explains in detail what is really wrong with the U.S. healthcare system in a keynote speech given at the 2013 Federation of Republican Women in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Failed Healthcare Fixes

A host of “fixes” have been tried on our sick healthcare system and it is sicker than ever: Medicare, Medicaid, Single Payer (at the VA), Obamacare, etc. In these pages, you will compare promises with reality. You will decide for yourself whether the government has taken care of us, or not? Does Washington know the root cause of healthcare’s sickness? Do you? When you understand that the problem is cancer, you can begin to see why all their so-called fixes have not helped patient Healthcare.

Articles and books by Dr. Deane Waldman

Good decisions are based on hard evidence. Dr. Waldman offers you his proofs: here on this site, in books and articles. Read and consider. From magical thinking to thinking systems; highlighting the unfunded mandate and the insurance principle;  explaining what TLC means in Washington; why medical rationing will kill us; to how a “successful” Obamacare that will be the death of us: See why Dr. Waldman writes what he writes. Then decide for yourself if you agree or disagree.

A simple & effective plan for healthcare: Direct-Pay USA

Instead of trillions of dollars going to government administrators to manage thousands of pages of regulations, Dr. Waldman's simple and workable plan would put control of your money and your life back into your hands. YOU decide about your care and get that care when you need it. The Direct-Pay USA system would mean greatly reduced costs both to you and our nation. At the same time, Direct-Pay USA returns control of health care to its rightful owner—YOU, the patient.

New Book:
"The Cancer in the American Healthcare System"

Dr. Waldman's new eye-opening book lays bare the disaster that has befallen both patients and doctors over the last 50 years due to government and administrative involvement into health care. Today close to 50% of healthcare spending goes NOT to doctors to pay for care, but to administrators who manage the miles of red tape introduced by ever increasing number of government regulations.

About Dr. Waldman:

Dr. Deane Waldman was Chief of Pediatric Cardiology at: the Children’s Hospital of San Diego, the University of Chicago, and the University of New Mexico. Responsible for budgets in excess of $20 million, he has seen the insides and outside of our floundering medical care systems. His proposal for a new Direct-Pay USA system has the potential to revolutionize healthcare in the U.S. and save us from the imminent financial catastrophes of both Medicare and Obamacare.


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Before we consider how to fix our sick healthcare system, we need to look at how healthcare is failing the American people.