Providers Need Five Eyes

In the current world of health care, a provider – doctor, nurse, or allied health person – needs five eyes. Unfortunately, they only have two.

One eye watches the clock because they must be efficient.

One eye looks over your shoulder for the medical malpractice lawyer waiting to pounce on the appearance of wrongdoing or the simple fact of a bad result.

One eye scans the horizon for the accreditation agency and utilization review board because non-compliance can result in loss of your medical license.

One eye watches critically for the immediate outcome because if it is bad, the provider will not get paid.

And one eye looks at the patient.

A long time ago, one of my instructors taught me that, “Even paranoids have enemies.” I am not paranoid. They are out to get me, you, and every other provider if the good medical outcome – thought to be guaranteed – fails to materialize.

Health care providers need five eyes.
Could someone please give me three more?

System MD

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