“Healthcare Reform” is classic NEWSPEAK.

The U.S.A. was founded on an act of rebellion against authority. It is our cultural norm to question those in power. With the Vietnam War and Watergate, questioning became doubting. We began to ask if those in authority were regularly lying to us.

Now the veracity of elected officials, especially those in Congress, has reached an all-time low. It is the general feeling that all incumbents, of either Party, lie, cheat and represent only themselves, not us. Everything they do is partisan and bluntly, if their lips are moving, they are lying. They seem to talk only in newspeak.

“Newspeak” is the word coined by George Orwell in his book 1984, warning us in his 1948 novel about what Big Brother could and will do to us. Using newspeak, a word or phrase means exactly the opposite of what you think it means. Bad is good. Black is white. Reforming healthcare makes it worse.

President Obama raised the issue of healthcare to national prominence by emphasizing its unsupportable cost spiral. His “Reform” Act, H.R. 3590 or the PPAHCA, spends over $1 trillion. This is classic newspeak. You call something “reform”–making things better, i.e., reducing costs–while you actually increase spending.

Consider the title of the PPAHCA: Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act of 2010. This is another demonstration of Congressional mendacity or disingenuousness. It is a WMDc (weapon of mass deception). It is classic newspeak.

“Patient Protection…”
Does PPAHCA protect patients? In fact, it creates the infamous Death Panels the Republicans tried to scare us with in 2009. The Act creates cost/effectiveness Commissions similar to what Great Britain calls the National Institutes For Clinical Excellence. These decide what is “cost/effective” for the national population, not the individual. If a treatment is deemed not cost/effective, it is not funded and therefore not available. In simple terms, if you need an unusual treatment or something that is very expensive, it is denied, you don’t get the care you need, and…guess what happens. That is a strange way to “protect” patients.

“Affordable” for whom? Certainly not for our nation. The minimum cost estimate is $690 billion and the maximum I have read so far is $2.7 trillion. The fact that no one knows should itself scare you. Would you give a blank check to an inveterate overspender? You just did!

Worse, every entitlement program ever enacted has cost much more than projected. By 1990, Medicare had cost 854% over the original 1964 estimate and will be bankrupt in less than seven years.

Testifying before the Senate Budget Committee, the Director of the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) said that PPAHCA will accelerate not dampen the healthcare cost spiral. Recall that the President started the healthcare ‘reform’ movement because the upward cost spiral was unsupportable. The only way that accelerating the spiral would be considered “reform” is using newspeak.

No one in their right mind calls something affordable when you have to borrow the money to spend, then print dollars, and add to the national deficit.

Finally, where does all that money go? Did you know that before the PPAHCA almost forty percent (!) of all healthcare spending went to the Government? I termed this the “waste of the middle.” After this “Affordable” Act, close to 50% will go to the bureaucrats and not to hospitals, doctors and nurses, pharmaceutical companies, or wheelchair makers.

Always bear in mind that “Healthcare” is a sickness treatment system. It does not reward health or wellness. Neither the Government nor the providers can deliver ‘health’ to the Public. This is particularly true when Cost/Effectiveness Commissions will prevent you from getting the care you need. Read Daniel Putkowski’s (temporarily fictional) novel “Universal Coverage” to see what it will be like for the average citizen under PPAHCA.

PPAHCA implicitly promises you health CARE but offers health insurance. They let you believe that having insurance automatically gets you care. This is probably the cruelest lie built in to the PPAHCA. Here is a dose of reality.

We currently have a shortage of nurses and doctors: we do not have enough providers to deliver the care needed right now. Further, our provider shortage has been getting worse. What will happen when 30 million additional Americans acquire health insurance and start demanding care? Where will they find doctors, especially since PPAHCA reduced Medicare payments? And while PPAHCA is hiring thousands of new bureaucrats, there is not one single dollar in PPAHCA for a new nurse or doctor.

If you think that I exaggerate, please check my facts and assertions. Unfortunately, you will find they hold up. It is just as bad as I describe.

PPAHCA or Obamacare is a superb example of newspeak.
It exacerbates healthcare rather than reforming it.
Good medicine for healthcare starts with the repeal of PPAHCA.

System MD

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