Do We Have Enough?

Because of the recent publication of my book Uproot U.S. Healthcare, I have been interviewed on the radio a number of times about H.R. 3590. Many of these interviews had listeners call in. By far, the most common question asked was: Do we have enough nurses and doctors?

The woman- or man-in-the-street can do simple arithmetic but apparently, Congress cannot. If you add 30 million people to the rolls of those with health insurance, you will need lots of new providers to give them care.

How much of the money to be spent through H.R. 3590 will go to adding new nurses and doctors or to pay the ones we already have to care for the newly insured millions? You guessed it: zip, nada, nothing.

Indeed, to “save money,” H.R 3590 reduces payments to Medicare. This translates directly to reduced services at the same time that a huge increase has been implicitly promised.

Unfortunately, to those in Washington, H.R. 3590 is another WMDc (Weapon of Mass Deception). They call H.R. 3590 healthcare “reform.” As Congress begins to spend hundreds of billions of dollars (that we do not have), someone must ask: “who will guard the guardians?”

The cost of (spending by) H.R 3590 has been estimated at $1 trillion. If none of that money is going to providers, where is it going? You probably guessed it again: to the same people who passed the Act. H.R 3590 creates a huge expansion of the Federal bureaucracy: whole new agencies; thousands of new rules and regulations where compliance must be confirmed; and tens (hundreds?) of thousands of new bureaucrats.

The most common radio call-in question was, “will we have enough?” The answer is: providers = NO; bureaucrats to oversee healthcare who provide no health CARE = TOO MANY.

System MD

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